A Beautiful World

We all desire for it. A Beautiful World. A world in which we can play, love, and where we can be the person who we are in our heart. Without fear and anger, jealousy and hate. I don’t know a single human being that doesn’t wishes this. We all want to live in paradise.

And for some strange reason, we always find ways to screw it up. It took me a while to understand. From early childhood on, until some years ago, I often wondered why we do. I wondered why people lied to each other. But especially to themselves. Because, when people start lying to their own mind, and their own conscience – they start lying to others too. And then. Most of the time it’s also difficult for others to recognize those lies. You have to train hard to reveal this bridge of unfaithful words in someone else’s behavior. It takes intuition. It takes objectivity, and a lot of awareness to cut the lies into honesty. To transform peoples lying behavior into trust and sincerity,  to create an atmosphere of openness and pure love.

And then. When you did discover you are pulled into a system of manipulation by some one else, into a communication that is completely unhealthy, you are not even there yet! Then the hardest part of all has just begun. To speak up! The moment to be courageous is there. The moment to trust your inner voice. To stop doubting your own skills, your own intuition and to trust …. your voice to be heard.

And when you do speak. Remain the same person that you are, when there is silence. Be the same sound as the voice you hear, when you are lying in bed at night. Because this I know. At least, I wish I know. I wish we all have this child in our heart, that speaks to us at night. The child we all know, when our world was still a playground filled with joy and laughter. When some one fell, and we lifted him up. When some one was dishonest, and we shouted it out on the playground to restore the balance again.

I wish this honest child, with the purity of life, speaks to all of us at night. Not with a strict finger full of justice, but out of compassion and understanding. So it will comfort our fear, and it will calm down the adult that wants to score in the materialistic world. That wants to be ’the best’. The adult that wants to destroy others, because he once was crushed too. The adult that lived a life full of experiences, and builded up a fence of anxiety and suspicion.

I wish this child sings to us at night. To give us courage to speak up the truth of our heart during the day. To dare. To speak about the fear, about failure, about all things that some of us are afraid of loosing. I wish this child sings to us.

And I wish. Someone will listen. For your voice to be heard. For your heart to be seen. And your honesty to be embraced. We need others to create a Beautiful World. We need others, to listen if we want to speak up. There is no voice to be heard without people to listen. There is no world to create, if others don’t help. There is no mountain to move, if others don’t gather. There is no love to find, if others don’t share.

So. How come we all want this Beautiful World, but in the meantime we are to afraid to embrace the honesty inside ourselves? The honesty to choose. Why do we close down, if the child inside tells us to listen? Why are we silent, if we know the situation needs our voice? Who are we – if we write it down in magazines, share it in talkshows, brag about it on parties that we visit, but on the sideway we don’t greet our own neighbors?

Beauty starts with us. A happy. A healthy.  Even a clean World can only start when we start to stop hiding. Hiding from the secrets we have, and all the status we want. Beauty only grows when we start to truly listen. When we embrace the ones that call out for help, instead of thinking about the things we could loose if we do so. If we stop being selfish and manipulative. Stop thinking about all materials we can loose if we speak up for the truth. Because you know, children always know the truth. Even when you’re singing lullabies to them at night.



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