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Who is Annette? Born on the whitest Thursday of the year 1976, two days before Easter. Ready for one of the hottest summers ever, when I have to believe my mother.

My first steps I walked in a village in the North of the Netherlands, in Friesland, Lemmer. Every spring I saw hundreds of tulips blooming. On the other side of the village, the lakes of Friesland started, for lots of joy. There was a lot of everything, and a lot of nothing. Grass and a chestnut tree in which my brother had built a cable car to another tree in the garden. Own tomatoes and chives. A strip of garden that I owned. Where I proudly gazed at, but hardly in participated. ‘Everything grows by itself’,  I thought as a child. ‘The clouds give rain. The sun and me, we’re giving love.’ Done! After one year there was no strip of garden left…

With dozens of teenagers I bicycled everyday to school and back. Ten miles twice a day. And only once during the road there was a bend to take. In a little village called, Bant. The area was built in square fields. With Potatoes. Endive, Carrots, Lettuce, and lots of tulips. Did I mention that I love tulips?

The world is bigger than my parents garden. So, when I was 18 I moved out [almost all young people in the Netherlands move out around that age]. My second house was in Assen. Also, my third house. My school was living in Assen. That’s why I went. I did not like Assen. So in less then a year and two houses, I moved to Groningen, what I did love. I stayed there for 4 years. I also had a fifth house. In Amsterdam. And a sixth. In which I’m still living. Now my house is also my office. She responds to everything I want and I’m proud of her. Since she’s the office we are better friends than we were.

On the balcony I have grapes. Well, with only branches on it. I do not know why. But I love vines without grapes. You have to take people as they are, I think. So I like to do the same with grapevines. Since last year I also rent 0,2 ha vegetable garden, just outside the city. It’s a permaculture urban garden, which made my life so much richer then it was.

On Saturday, I love to go to the market, baking apple pie and drink coffee. I love drinking coffee. If you want to know anything about me and you give me coffee for free, it’s very likely I’ll give you the answers. Today I learn that this is not always useful. If you want to live the same way like me, then you should also ask for money or bread, vegetables, one year free electricity, or a subscribe to the dentist or something. On this website I share all my thinking. I want to remember and preserve what I discover. And it’s beautiful to share. So use it the way you want. It is from me, for us.


What I do for a Living?

I do a lot of things. But they all include the same ingredients.

  • I’m on my Best if I can interfere in Communication & Behavior [in which I flourish in Group Dynamic and Conflict Communication]
  • I train people in Communication and Co-creating projects.
  • I train people in working with the Dragon Dreaming method.
  • I also host events, write and at the moment I’m creating a documentary about the area in which I’m living in Amsterdam.
  • I love to share a Tiny Thing to create Grand Feelings with Love – Take all you Need
  • I initiated Keep It Clean Day, which is a day to clean all the garbage on the streets and in nature. It started in Estonia in 2008, and is now a global movement in which 96 countries participate.

The way I think about group dynamic.

Most ‘problems’ in the field of communication are seldom about the persons themselves. At the time the individual subjective disappears, things and problems are much easier to objectify. From there is a solution soon at hand. If not so, then a farewell is also not prohibitive. Realistic look and solution thinking approaches my style.

Sometimes I use two cups on the table with a line in between them as an example for interpersonal situations. They symbolize us. They can turn around. Or move. Sometimes they’re full of fluids, sometimes they’re empty. But what ever will happen – It’s always a cup. And there’s always a line. Like we are always human. With connections. The essential part of a connection is the line between the two cups. That’s the place where the fun happens! Where  the communication is going on, where we’re showing ourselves. We can tell others what we see from the point of view where we’re at. We can share our ‘being’ with loved ones.

But for inter-personal connection it’s not the only thing that matters. Psycho analyses about some personal past cán be nice, but not always functional if you need to co-create ín the moment. We need to be in the moment. What’s necessary for communication and connection, is self-knowledge, respect and a sincere way of looking at the line between the cups. Here and now.

Win-win situations.

I just LOVE win-win situations. For the simple reason they make everyone happy. Happiness leads to autonomy, trust and openness. And thát makes life far more easier.

When you think of booking me, make sure you’ll think about your own win-part. After that, also consider mine. This way, most of the time we’ll find each other in every possible way!

Booking me!

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name: annettedolle @Amsterdam.


1999. January – Philippines. Internship. Teaching primary & highschool children.  (8 weeks)

2012. January – WorldCleanUp Conference – Tallinn, Estonia.

2012. March – CleanUp Slovenia.

2012 November – AsianCleanUp Conference & project ‘Mahjnu Nepal’ (5 weeks).

2013. July. – TimuKota & AEI, Bethlehem, Palestine. training cultural entrepreneurship.

2014. June. – Slovenia. Training Dragon Dreaming (10 days).

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