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The use of a Wishlist [english]

Imagine, you’re eight years old and in two weeks it’s your birthday. On the wall in your bedroom hangs a calendar with the number of nights you have to sleep before the day is there. You drew it yourself, with your favorite colors, and your favorite animals and flowers on it. Every night before you go to bed you count the day’s. Next to the calendar, there’s your birthday-wishlist. Your biggest wishes are on it. You can’t wait which one you’re going to get! Now imagine, it’s 25 years later. You’re an entrepreneur in an era full of transformations and adventures. It isn’t your birthday, but you still have a wishlist. This time it’s not hanging on your bedroom wall, but you’ve written it on your personal website. So every one can find it. Even worldwide. How awesome that would be? I’ll tell you – Awesome!

Thank You, Parallel Slovenia.

In the beginning of June I attended a Dragon Dreaming course. Somewhere in the ‘Middle of Nowhere’ – Somewhere in Slovenia. The hills glanced green soft light by the reflection of the sun, while the leaves and flowers played with the fractions of tiny little starlights. I loved it. I loved being in this new unknown place, with people around me that connect so smoothly in the country.

Living the Fairytale Life.

I wanted to be the most beautiful princess on the ball. Dancing with the prince, floating through the golden rooms full of flowers.

I thought being an entrepreneur would be romantic. All day long. From the moment I would awake at dawn. Everyday when the sun arise. I would do my yoga, eat some fruit, drink an aroma tasteful coffee and say hi to the birds in the garden. I would start work by reading some emails in my decorated study room. Lovely emails with delicate words. Suggestions, inspirations and invitations to join. Quickly I would answer them, and schedule my new appointments in my Moleskine agenda.

A Beautiful World

We all desire for it. A Beautiful World. A world in which we can play, love, and where we can be the person who we are in our heart. Without fear and anger, jealousy and hate. I don’t know a single human being that doesn’t wishes this. We all want to live in paradise.

Everything starts with…

We drove through Kathmandu. Over rocky roads, narrow streets, and busy ways filled with motor cycles. Honking all the time.

I was sitting on the backseat of the car. It was my first day in Nepal, and like a sponge I tried to absorb everything I witnessed. Of course I failed, it’s impossible to understand the 8th step if you’re only at the first. But I tried. Despite this knowledge I tried. Because of eagerness, curiosity and the wish to understand.

Our goal was the conference building. The place were the magic was suppose to happen. The place where the world would be gathering (well, at least some of it) to share experiences about how to create a healthy world.

The more I learn, the less I know

It’s fascinating to see your own intuition coming to live. First you feel you’re right. Then you hope you’re wrong. And in the end the reality shows you the answer. The final truth about your guesses.

Some how I knew in the beginning which direction we should take to make the Netherlands a little bit more clean. I don’t know how I knew. Maybe it was my brain, filled with theories and observations of social sciences. Maybe it was experience that was grounded in my system. Maybe it was fate that helped me moving on. And maybe it was just luck. I don’t know. And more  important: It doesn’t matter. The reason is just a guiding system, a tool on your road. But it never will be the answer to our stories. Our stories matter. They create our world. And so the story of Cleaning Up the Netherlands is telling herself. We are just puppets. Thankful to play a part, and learn by living the story.

A Wish to the world of Social Media

Everything has already been done. And everything has already been written. Words are formed. And pictures are taken. We set aside what we want to remember. We collect things to cherish. We share words with each other. And we share images. We share to get something in Return. Someone who ‘likes’ us. Just for one second. On the digital screen.

How hard can it Be? – Keep It Clean Day!

The more I thought about it, the more easy it became. How hard could it be? At an agreed time you walk out of the door. With a nice bag in your hand, and if you want a pair of gloves for your fingers. Then you walk down your street or to the park to find some garbage. You pick it up and put it in the bag. So tell me, how difficult can it be?

Shopping on the bottom of the Sea – Lebanon

He sat down at the other side of the table. With expectant eyes and a big smile. Just before I had spoken with his friend and business cards were exchanged. Now I could talk to the other companion of Greenocratic in Lebanon.

We sat at a large wooden table. Our benches were wobbling back and forth, searching for a balance of ten people who had planted on their buttom. In front of us Estonian delicacy was spread out on the table. Bread, pastry, fruit, and soon we were on the cake. The man and I were happy.

We’re the ones we are waiting for

A bit ambitious it is, but after a couple of  days in Estonia there is not one of the 150 participants who is still thinking it’s impossible. We do think of blue skies. To clean rivers. And green forests. And the feasibility of the plan. The plan to Clean the World in six months. This year.