A Wish to the world of Social Media

Everything has already been done. And everything has already been written. Words are formed. And pictures are taken. We set aside what we want to remember. We collect things to cherish. We share words with each other. And we share images. We share to get something in Return. Someone who ‘likes’ us. Just for one second. On the digital screen.

And yet there is so much of nothing. There is so much air. In the white silent spaces between the lines. Hidden in the shadow of something undefined. In unguarded moments. Outside that picture. We forget. Forget about the beautiful faces and the strong words.  During the act our memories often turn out to be empty. Or filled with fear.

Fear that we are too Grand. Fear that we have too Little. Fear to be Lonely. Fear to be stifled. Fear of the Other. Fear of Ourselves. Even of Love we are afraid. Fear to be Invited. Fear of the Encounter. Fear for a Real Connection.

But who are you, not to live your life as the person we “like” on the digital screen. Who are you, not to live like you do on the place where you share dreams. With us.  In the digital world.

Be that one also on the crosswalk. If you look at the cars and wave when they stop. Be that one in line waiting for the bus. For the train. Or passing by the other cars when you’re driving home. Be that one looking at the cashier when she’s scanning your purchased products. When you pass someone on the escalator in a mall. Or in the elevator to the seventh floor.

Do not make yourself small in fear to be large. Do not be quiet so you do not run the risk to be a fool. Don’t be silent, so others can remain silent too. And we are all silent. At that place where our real life takes place. That place out there. Out there on the street. And in nature. In the woods. Between the flowers. Where we breathe and walk. Where our bodies move and our senses perceive.

Because everything has already been done. Everything has already been said. And everything has already been written. But not yet by you. And not yet today. And not yet. Outside. In the world that is Alive.


[Free interpreted by the text from Marianne Williamson from A Return To Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles. With a warm Thank You to Marina de Boer for helping with translating it to English]



One Reply to “A Wish to the world of Social Media”

  1. Eef schreef:

    Hey Annette,

    Gefeliciteerd met je mooie blog! Prachtige tekst dit…echt van genoten.
    Deed me op het einde denken aan de quote : “alles is al gezegd. maar niet door mij.”
    groetjes, Eef

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