Thank You, Parallel Slovenia.

In the beginning of June I attended a Dragon Dreaming course. Somewhere in the ‘Middle of Nowhere’ – Somewhere in Slovenia. The hills glanced green soft light by the reflection of the sun, while the leaves and flowers played with the fractions of tiny little starlights. I loved it. I loved being in this new unknown place, with people around me that connect so smoothly in the country.

I couldn’t connect that easy. Just because of the simple fact that I’m not born there. Sure, I’ll manage to adapt a place. Sure, I’m home where my heart is. But every person who stayed longer in a foreign country recognizes this hungering feeling to blend in with the surrounding. Totally. Like if you’re always been there. Somebody told me this is just a Dutch way of doing things. But I don’t know… I haven’t any comparing, because in this life I can’t experience any other being then being Dutch.

Anyway, I loved the place. I loved the food. I loved the smell in the morning when I woke up, and the only sounds I heard were the stream of the river near by, and the birds singing in the trees. This was heaven. My tiny little secretly heaven. You see, when you’re used to a daily frequency of thousands of sounds, and noises in the streets around you – you’ll value and cherish the moments that are different from the ones you know so well. So I did. This week. I fell in love with the true source of silence. Of unconditional love.

And maybe I also fell in love with Slovenia and her people. Who knows.

What I do know is that the importance of sharing, the feeling of gratitude, we share to little to less. It’s an universal flow crossing all over the planet that needs to be changed, if you ask me. The importance of gratitude is huge. It is much more then only saying ‘Thank You’. It creates a world inside a world, that needs to be seen. So here it is… 

“Dear Slovenia.

Your green mountains and blue lakes. Your villages full of dots and connections. Your roads that curl slowly through the landscape. Dear Slovenia. I saw you move. I saw you breath into the debts of the earth. Searching for the fire that was burning within. I witnessed how you survived this tremble rudeness around you. Like a strong anchored tree in the eye of a storm.

You survived. Even you don’t see it yet. I can.

I know you are insecure about where to go from here. What the right direction is, without getting lost. Again. And again. But don’t be surprised. We all get lost. It’s part of the great mysteries. Loosing yourself and coming back to the road is one of the most beautiful gifts of life. Because only in those moments when we are lost, we are free. Free from expectations and free from ourselves. We become one with the environment, to find connection again. And in that one single second of total being, we are. We are one with the flowers. The water that flows. The plants, trees, herbs, vegetables, fruits, and all the animals around us. We are all one. And one is all.

So Hvala. Hvala for showing me the beautiful treasures and failures that you are. Your abundance, and your shortage. I celebrate all. I embrace all. Until we meet again. And if you ever feel lost on your journey – Just do a Pinna Kari.

With love, Annette.”


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